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Fantasy Battle stands as a dynamic hub for fantasy cricket enthusiasts, empowering users to strategize and assemble teams for competitive play driven by player performances.

  • Affordable Contest Options

  • Expert Analysis Assistance

  • Guaranteed Fair Gameplay

  • Flawless Security Measures

Stellar Showdown

Getting The Best Out To Gameplay

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Join & Build

Get in our community, build your team, and embark on an exciting fantasy cricket journey.

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Challenge & Climb

Challenge opponents, climb the leaderboard, and showcase your skills in thrilling contests.

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Learn & Master

Practise the game, master your skills, and become a fantasy cricket champion.

Harnessing Exceptional Advantages

Choose the Fast Track Lifestyle


Contest Views




Daily wins



Timebound Coliseum

Succeed on Real Standards

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Privacy Assurance

Our priority is safeguarding user privacy while enhancing fantasy cricket experience.

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Registration Benefits

Enjoy free access with ultimate contest gaming experience for all cricket enthusiasts.

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Live Score Updates

From Seconds to live, Get Real-time match scores now at your

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Integrity and Transparency

We prioritize honesty and openness in all our endeavors with more credibility.

Passion Propels Performance

Construct Your Cricket Composition


Our Motto resonates within every cheering crowd and thrilling game, weaving communities together through sports and entertainment, igniting camaraderie and unforgettable experiences.

  • Empower Cricket Enthusiasts

  • Enhance User Experience

  • Promote Fair Play

As pioneers in global fantasy cricket, we envision sculpting a gaming masterpiece, where users evolve into strategists through immersive experiences, shaping the landscape of the gaming universe.

  • Engage Cricket Fans

  • Deliver Quality Service

  • Innovate Continuously

Driven by unwavering pursuit, we craft gaming adventures exceeding expectations, infusing joy and fulfillment into every click. Our ultimate goal: reigning supreme in fantasy cricket, inspiring enthusiasts worldwide.

  • Maximize User Retention

  • Expand User Base

  • Drive Global Reach

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Business Consulting FAQ
What distinguishes Fantasy Battle?
Fantasy Battle stands out as a rapidly expanding fantasy sports platform based in India. It specializes in offering an immersive experience for sports enthusiasts through its Fantasy Cricket League.
To sign up on Fantasy Battle, simply select your preferred sport, fill out the registration form, or opt for a quick registration via our speed link to download and join the Fantasy Cricket League.
Fantasy Battle strictly prohibits the creation of multiple accounts with the same email address. Doing so violates their Fair Play Policy and Ban/ Termination of account, allowing only one account per email.
You can update your account details by accessing the "Edit Profile" section on Fantasy Battle. While you can adjust your birthdate and state in an "Unverified" account, your name and email address remain fixed after the initial registration process.