Upholding fair play in the fantasy cricket community is our top priority. While fantasy cricket relies on skill and a systematic approach to the game, Fantasy Battle has implemented several important measures to ensure a friendly and enjoyable environment for all users.


Our entire system is built on the principle of equality. All users of the Fantasy Battle Web Portal or Mobile App are subject to the same budget, limits, and rules when creating a fantasy team or participating in games.


To maintain a level playing field, Fantasy Battle closes competition entries at the scheduled start time of the match. This deadline applies to all Fantasy Battle web portals and mobile applications.


We choose contest winners transparently and openly. User trust is reinforced through public announcements of contest winners, including their names, teams, and winning amounts. Our criteria for selecting winners include:

  • Obtaining match results from highly reliable third parties.
  • Swift handling and delivery of winnings.
  • Public disclosure of each contest's payout before it commences.

Rules Violation

As a consequence of violating our Fair Play standards, users found in breach of the rules will have their accounts disabled. In exceptional cases, the user's entire wallet balance may also be reset to zero.

We are committed to honesty and transparency throughout the entire process, from team selection to withdrawal, backed by our 24-hour customer support. Please note that we do not offer services in Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Odisha, Sikkim, Nagaland, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, as pay-to-play internet gaming is not legal in those states.